Cleveland Whist Club

650--the total masterpoints earned by winners at local club games so far this year.
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Bridge Camp

Michigan Youth Bridge,Inc. is offering a Bridge Camp July 7-13 for youths age 10-16. Unit 125 will pay $200 (50%) of the fee for up to 4 attendees. To qualify, a youth must have attended a “Bridge” class in the last year or be a child or grandchild of a current Unit 125 member. The $200 will be reimbursed upon proof of payment of the camp fee.

Any questions, contact Dave Hobe, 216-496-1955 ,

For additional information on the Bridge Camp see the ad on p.81 of the March 2019 Bridge Bulletin or contact Suzy Woodrow, 248-760-1818 or

When you are declarer, try to figure out what the opening lead means.
Before you play to the first trick, analyze the opening lead. Does it help you to place even one other card? If LHO leads a suit his partner has bid, what message is he trying to send to partner about his holding?
This is the first step in determining how you are going to play the hand. More contracts are lost at trick one than at any other time. Take a moment and do the work you know you want to do! Harvey Bernstein

Top Ten Individual Winners at All Clubs This Year

1 Robert Alexander 29
1 Stephanie Alexander 29
3 Phillip Becker 24
4 Susan Stark 18
5 Jim Breckel 16
5 William Issa 16
7 Gary Montain 15
8 Edia Shai 14
8 John Collis 14
8 Pat Chisholm 14
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