Bridge in Cleveland

Tips for Tops
When you make a pre-emptive bid, do not bid again unless you are forced to bid by your partner.
The reason you are making a pre-emptive bid is to take away bidding space from the opponents. You and your partner should know what bids can be made by your partner that are forcing and which are not forcing. Don't give in to temptation and bid again just because you feel it is right. Make your pre-empt and let whatever happens, happen. Harvey Bernstein
Rock Race Leaders as of November 28, 2015
Current Standing Name Masterpoints
1 Stephanie Alexander 32.93
2 Fleur Howard 27.35
3 Pat Chisholm 23.73
4 Kathleen Sulgrove 22.12
5 Lois Butler 21.44
6 Eileen Kless 19.66
7 Sharon Fairchild 19.28
8 Jan Assini 14.97
9 Lynn Nosse 11.33
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