Cleveland Whist Club

Carolyn Keagler - Harry Keagler have 14 second place finishes--the most by any partnership in local club games this year.

2018 Non-Life Master Sectional-July 21-22

Calling all non-life masters with less than 500 masterpoints!  The Unit's 2018 Non-Life Master Sectional will be July 21-22 at the  Rocky River Memorial Hall,  21016 Hilliard Blvd., Rocky River. The games are:

Saturday, July 21 10:00 AM & 2:30 PM Strartified Pair Games (Single Session Entries Avaiable)

Sunday, July 22 11:00 AM Stratified Swiss Teams  (two sessions)

Meals Between Sessinons both days

Lectures by area Experts ½ hour before second game on Saturday and ½ hour before Sunday’s first session.

Silver Points Awarded!

Bakery items needed for desserts.  Please!

Tournament Chairs: Judy Spooner 440-238-2846 (home) or 440-666-1295 and
John Spooner 440-666-9498

Partnerships: Peggy Gallagher 216-321-0701

Flyer has full details

Silver Bowl Sectional--August 10-12

Please join us for the 2018 Silver Sectional. You can play two sessions and enjoy the evening doing something else.

Enjoy a light lunch Friday. Lunch Saturday. Bagels on Sunday morning and Sunday buffet. Your dessert contributions will be greatly appreciated!

Need a partner? Contact  Fran Mulkins, or 440-668-7457

Have a question? Contact David Hobe (tournament chair) at or 216-496-1955  

The eventa are:
FRIDAY, August 10

Stratified Pairs (Single sessions).............................................10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
A(2500+) B (750-2500) C (0-750)

Stratified 499ers (Single sessions)..10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
A (300-500) B (100-300) C (0-100)

SATURDAY, August 11

Flight A Open Pairs (Play through)...........................................11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
A1 (3000+) AX (0-3000)          

Stratified B/C/D (Single sessions) ....11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
B (1000-2500) C (500-1000) D (0-500)

SUNDAY, Augsut 12

Stratified Swiss Teams * (two sessions)...................................11:00 a.m.
(*Stratification based on average masterpoints of all players on team)
A (2500+) B (750-2500) C (0-750) 

All the details are in the FLYER.

When giving partner a ruff, the card you lead is a suit preference telling partner which suit you want returned. Eddie Kantar

Ten Most Recent Winners at All Clubs

64.75%--Carolyn Karch - Mary Conway () Country Bridge Results
63.08%--Ann Daum - Linda Singleton () Country Bridge Results
62.80%--Herb Dessner - Sidney Borison () Mentor Duplicate Bridge Club Results
62.59%--Robert Dykes - Wayne Heritage () Greater Cleveland DBC Results
60.71%--Davis Bonner - Peter Merker () Mentor Duplicate Bridge Club Results
65.38%--Davis Bonner - Patricia Bonner () Hillcrest Duplicate Club Results
62.34%--Chet Jain - Vivien Sevin () Hillcrest Duplicate Club Results
61.55%--Barbara Kotton - Ellen Rie () Mayfield Sand Ridge Club Results
59.66%--Harriet Kitay - Nancy Kurlansik () Mayfield Sand Ridge Club Results
50.57%--Jack Kaufman - Louis Bloomfield () Mayfield Sand Ridge Club Results
HM indicates Howell Movement
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