Bridge in Cleveland

Tips for Tops
It was George [Kaufman] who pointed out that you could always hold good cards merely by sitting South. 'No matter who writes the books or articles,' he said, 'South holds the most terrific cards that I ever saw. There is a lucky fellow if I ever saw one.' Ever since then, I have always sat South. That is the secret of my success, and I pass it along to you for whatever it is worth. Charles Goren
These Unit 125 Members reached new ACBL rankings in October
Bud Stern Shaker HeightsJunior Master
Adele P Jones BeachwoodClub Master
Liz A Stern Pepper PikeSectional Master
Joan H Fountain Shaker HeightsRegional Master
Keith H Kerr NewburyRegional Master
David A Daberko Pepper PikeNABC Master
Dennis H Kelly ClevelandAdv NABC Master
Mary Mitchell BereaGold Life Master
James D Novak SolonGold Life Master
Fleur R Howard Gates MillsSapphire Life Master