Cleveland Whist Club

Kathy and Don Sulgrove,

The Unit's top masterpoint winners at the January 2018 Rock & Regional.

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It was George [Kaufman] who pointed out that you could always hold good cards merely by sitting South. 'No matter who writes the books or articles,' he said, 'South holds the most terrific cards that I ever saw. There is a lucky fellow if I ever saw one.' Ever since then, I have always sat South. That is the secret of my success, and I pass it along to you for whatever it is worth. Charles Goren

Top Ten Individual Winners at This Year

Rank Individual Wins
1 Susan Stark 5
2 Gladys Martin 4
2 Michael Creager 4
2 Tom Martin 4
5 Beverly Cohen 3
5 David Norris 3
5 Thomas Rice 3
5 William Grant 3
9 Arthur Obrock 2
9 Barbara Schidlowski 2
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