Cleveland Whist Club

Stephanie Alexander and Jeff Alexander,

the overall masterpoint winners in the District's winter STaC week.  They won 41.73 masterpoints.  See the entire masterpoint list HERE.

See your all time STaC ranking and masterpoints HERE.

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December 9 STaC Swiss

Congratulationsto all the winning teams in our annual STaC Swiss game. Here they are:

A Bracket:  Fleur Howard - Phillip Becker - Stephanie Alexander - Robert Alexander

B Bracket: James Stahl - Linda Stahl - Mathew Vansickle - Sharon Fairchild

C Bracket: Jan Sadoski - Jeffrey Leeson - Robert Doll - Gary Cole

Special praise for the Howard team who clinched first place with one round to go!

We had 29 teams play in this always popular event.

Thanks to Chuck Ladiha, the chair, for putting together a great STaC Swiss. Chuck was assisted by many volunteers and in particular Hope Ellis who was the partnership chair and a whole lot more.

Check out the results and masterpoint awards HERE.

When you have support for partner's suit, be eager to show it. "Support with support." "Competitive Bidding Principles", Booklet 19 by Marty Bergen
These Unit 125 Members have reached new ACBL rankings!
Name City Rank
Carole Mooney WilloughbyJunior Master
Charles Mooney WilloughbyJunior Master
Marvin Sicherman BeachwoodJunior Master
Katrina Paster South EuclidClub Master
Carol Provan BeachwoodClub Master
Steven Wolotsky LakewoodBronze Life Master