Bridge in Cleveland

Tips for Tops
The 9th trump is the most underrated concept in bridge. 8 trump are often not enough. "Competitive Bidding Principles", Booklet 19 by Marty Bergen
Top Ten Winning Scores at All Clubs This Year
76.39%--Dom Albertone - Marjorie Melamed (HM) Sophie's Bridge Club Results
75.00%--Charleen Drotning - William Grant (HM) Mayfield Sand Ridge Club Results
75.00%--Robert Alexander - Phillip Becker (HM) Mentor Duplicate Bridge Club Results
75.00%--James Novak - David Ruckman (HM) Sophie's Bridge Club Results
74.17%--Sue Lan Ma - Dick Traxler (HM) Arty Bridge Results
74.17%--Marjorie Melamed - Dom Albertone (NS) Duplicate of Solon Results
72.92%--Sue Lan Ma - Michael Creager (HM) Sophie's Bridge Club Results
72.66%--Gladys Martin - Tom Martin (HM) Sophie's Bridge Club Results
72.50%--M Jane Gregory - Lynn Nosse (HM) Arty Bridge Results
72.41%--Davis Bonner - Lewis Bernard Jr (EW) Duplicate of Solon Results
HM indicates Howell Movement