Cleveland Whist Club

Jim Breckel's 36 second place finishes are the most in local club games this year.
Read the December 26, 2003 Plain Dealer Bridge Column

Master Future Master Game--October 10

The Master Future Master game is always a great event.  Non-Life masters are paired with life masters and get a chance to play with somone who really knows what they are doing.  Life masters get a chance to play in some interesting contracts and see inventive defense.

The MFM will be at Woodside Event Center at St Michael's, 5025 Mill Rd, Broadview Heights, OH 44147 and starts at 7:00pm, but get there early and figure out what you are playing.  The entry fee is $8 and there will be great hospitality (contributions greatly appreciated).

The MFM is rated a Unit Championship so there will be extra masterpoints for pairs who do well.

Fran Mulkins is chair again this year (thanks Fran) and you can contact her at
440-668-7457 or Phone is best.

The flyer explains it all.

Buckeye State Sectional--November 2-4

 The Buckeye State Sectional will be the first weekend in November (2-4) at the Rocky River
Memorial Hall, 21016 Hilliard Boulevard, Rocky River.

 Here is the schedule:

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2.....................................10:00 a.m and 2:00 p.m.
Stratified Open Pairs(Single sessions)
Stratified 499ers(Single sessions)

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3------------------10:00 a.m and 2:00 p.m.
Flight A Open Pairs (Play through)
Stratified B/C/D (Single sessions)

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2018........................10:00 a.m
Stratified Swiss Teams (two sessions)

Pair Game Entry fee $12 per person/session
Sunday Team game $100.00per team includes buffet for four members,extra meals $5.00.
Enjoy Unit 125’s wonderful hospitality.
Free lunch between sessions all three days.
Other snacks and muchies
Your bakery contributions would be greatly appreciated
Tournament Co-Chairs:
Sue Cutler,, 216-334-6665
Barbara Greenspan,, 216-595-3266
Partnership Chair:Fran Mulkins,,440-668-7457

All the details are in the FLYER.

Don’t forget the “obligatory” double.
Do you play "Negative Doubles"? If the answer is yes then you have to remember that you also play "obligatory" doubles. Let's assume that you open one spade and your left hand opponent bids two hearts. Your partner passes as does your right hand opponent. You now need to look at your hand and evaluate the possibility that your partner would have liked to make a penalty double but could not because it would have been a negative double. If you have a decent opener and shortness in the suit that was overcalled, you should re-open with a double. If partner wanted to make a penalty double he will pass, and if he did not he will make a bid to let you know that he does not have that hand. Harvey Bernstein
These Unit 125 Members have reached new ACBL rankings!
Name City Rank
Jonathon Bodzin South EuclidJunior Master
Barbara Joffe BeachwoodJunior Master
Anita Smith Shaker HeightsJunior Master
Judson Smith Shaker HeightsJunior Master
Shirin Taherbhai Rocky RiverJunior Master
Lois Wiesbrook ClevelandJunior Master
Henry Wiley ClevelandJunior Master
Ruth Addis University HtsClub Master
Kris Baker MentorClub Master
Joseph Wolf BeachwoodClub Master
Yvonne Paul Richmond HgtsSectional Master
Florence Carter ClevelandRegional Master
Stephen Smith LorainRegional Master
Rhona Jacobson Moreland HillsNABC Master
Patricia Van Aman Broadview HtsNABC Master
Douglas Turnbull StrongsvilleLife Master
Patricia Koberg WestlakeBronze Life Master
Linda Singleton Richmond HgtsBronze Life Master
Lucille Race Mayfield HgtsSilver Life Master