Cleveland Whist Club

"[...] Whist has long been noted for its influence upon what is termed the calculating power; and men of the highest order of intellect have been known to take an apparently unaccountable delight in it, [...]" Edgar Allan Poe in The Murders in the Rue Morgue

Sophie's Monday Game--New Time & Location on April 2

Sophie and Jim Novak are moving their Monday game, but not very far.  Beginning on April 2, the Monday game will start at 11:00a.m. and be at the Solon Community Center in the Banquet Room.  See you there.

Board of Directors Candidates

The following people are candidates for the four board of directors positions to be elected at the Ohio Masters Sectional:

Sue Cutler, Barbara Greenspan, Bill Hogsett, Ken Kranyak

Please vote at the Sectional.


Ohio Master Sectional--April 6-8

The Unit's 2018 tournament schedule kicks off April 6-8 with the Ohio Masters Sectional. The tournament will be at a great new location:  Rocky River Memorial Hall 21016 Hilliard Blvd., Rocky River. A map and dirctions are in the FLYER.

Here is the schedule:


Stratified Open Pairs. (Single sessions) ..............10:00 & 2:00

Stratified 499ers (Single sessions) ......................10:00 & 2:00


Flight A Open Pairs (Play through) ......................10:00 & 2:00

Stratified B/C/D (Single sessions) .......................10:00 & 2:00

 SUNDAY, APRIL 8, 2018

Stratified Swiss Teams * (Play through)................11:00

Need a partner or help forming a team?  Contact Fran Mulkins, Partnerhsip Chair, at or 440-668-7457.

We will have bagels and donuts each morning, a light lunch Friday, lunch Saturday and a Sunday buffet. Your bakery contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Susan Stark and Pat Chisholm are the co-chairs and you can contact them by email or phone at :for Pat 440-448-5028 or for Susan 216-831-1610

If you are sick---Please stay home!

Zero Tolerance will be enforced!  Any issues should be brought to the attention of the Recorder, Kathy Sulgrove or Asst. Recorder, Peter Miller.

Here is the FLYER. where you can get all the details including stratifications.

When your opponents have found a fit, strain to not allow them to play at the two level. "Competitive Bidding Principles", Booklet 19 by Marty Bergen

Hardies Race Leaders after November Sectional

Current Standing Name Masterpoints
1 Michael Creager 48.47
1 Kenneth Kranyak 48.47
3 Kathleen Sulgrove 41.59
3 Don Sulgrove 41.59
5 William Cornwell 36.03
6 Robert Alexander 28.03
7 Stephanie Alexander 27.70
8 Brian Ellis 23.58
9 Sue Lan Ma 20.42
10 Sharon Fairchild 19.30
11 Jeanette Bolognia 19.05