Cleveland Whist Club

Phil Becker and Fleur Howard, the overall masterpoint leaders at our 2019 Silver Bowl Sectional. They each won 22.71 masterpoints. Dave Hobe, for putting on a great Sectional tournament, August 9-11, despite a serious mix-up of the dates for which Dave had no responsibility.

Read the December 19, 1993 Plain Dealer Bridge Column
Mad" or "Glad" is BAD
Each hand that you play at "matchpoint" duplicate bridge is mutually exclusive of every other hand. If there are eight matchpoints available on each hand (or twelve) then defending a two spade contract is worth the same number of potential matchpoints as playing in six hearts. There are no carry-over scores, and there should be no carry- over emotions. If you had a good result (or a bad one), get over it and move on. Try to expend the same amount of mental energy on each hand. Your game will thank you for the effort. Harvey Bernstein

Hardies Final Race Standings

Current Standing Name Masterpoints
1 Philip Becker 57.69
2 Michael Creager 54.19
3 Kenneth Kranyak 48.46
4 Fleur Howard 45.77
5 Bernie Greenspan 40.50
6 John Bacon 36.35
7 Brian Ellis 35.39
8 Kathleen Sulgrove 32.13
8 Don Sulgrove 32.13
10 Stephanie Alexander 29.93