Cleveland Whist Club

Diane Peltz and Peggy Friedman have 3 second place finishes--the most by any partnership in local club games this year.
Read the April 23, 1995 Plain Dealer Bridge Column

Rock & Roll Regional!

The Cleveland Rock & Roll Regional was a great success as players continue to come back to face to face bridge. We had 411 tables in play so play is picking up.

Phil Becker, Beachwood, OH, and his long time partner Fleur Howard, Gates Mills, OH, were the overall masterpoint winners with 83.02 masterpoints along with their teammates from the Dayton area. Our Unit had six of the top ten masterpoint winners!

Jim and Sue Knirsch from Chagrin Falls, OH did a great job chairing the tournament. This was their first time as chairs of a Regional, but we hope it will not be their last!

Vichill League

We are again holding an online team game(Vichill League). The Spring league begins on March 1 and continues on these dates: March 22, March 29, April 12, April 26, May 3, May 10, May 17 and May 31.

The Vichill is a bracketed round robin so each team plays all the other teams in its bracket. The top brackets have players with thousands of masterpoints while the lower brackets have players with only a few or no masterpoints.

We plan to have nine team brackets and the top four teams in each bracket will win black masterpoints.

All the details are in the flyer HERE.

This is a great opportunity to play online with friends. We sponsor the Vichill League, and last time we did well. We had more players(39) than any other Unit.

Phil Becker and Fleur Howard formed and captained the winning team in the top bracket. Our teams(Dub and Greenspan) did well in the second bracket and the Butler team held its own in the third bracket. The Knirsch team finished second in the fourth bracket. The Kreider and Chambers teams finished fourth and fifth in the fifth bracket. Our teams dominated the sixth bracket finishing first(Ban), second(Hardman), third(Howard) and fifth(McCormick).

April 21-23 Sectional!

It's time to play some bridge!

We will hold a Sectional on April 21-23 at the Rocky River Memorial Hall.

Here is the schedule:

FRIDAY, April 21
Stratified Open Pairs (Single sessions).............................................. 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
Stratified 499ers (Single sessions)..................................................... 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

SATURDAY, April 22
Stratified Open Pairs (Playthrough with single sessions permitted)..... 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
Stratified 499ers (Single sessions) ...................................................... 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

SUNDAY, April 23,
Stratified Swiss Teams * (two sessions).............................................. 10:00 a.m.
(*Stratification is based on Average masterpoints of all players on a given team)

Note: Stratified 0-499er Games No Charge Friday and Saturday both sessions
Donuts and bagels served each morning. Lunch served between each session:
• Friday - Sandwiches from Gentiles and Chips. Desserts
• Saturday - Hebrew National and Plant Based Hot Dogs, salad, chips. Desserts
• Sunday - Pizza, Salad. Desserts
Entry Fees $13 per person per session; Swiss team$104/team

All the details are in the Flyer HERE.

The ACBL Sanction requires certain COVID precautions based on community infection level.
We will post any restrictions here once they have been determined.

Grand National Teams Qualifying--April 29 & 30

The Grand National Teams is an opportunity for players at all levels to play in a national championship.  District 5 qualifying will be April 29 and 30 in Erie.

So get your team together and play to qualify.  Our Unit has been well represented in the past for this great, fun event.

The flights are:
      Championship Level= Unlimited Overall points are gold
      Flight A= 0-6000   Overall points are gold
      Flight B = 0-2500    Overall points are gold
      Flight C= 0-500, Non-Life Master Overall points are 25% Gold 75% Red

Flights determined by point holding in September 2022.
The qualifying teams will play in the NABC in Chicago starting July 12!       

Teams Must Pre-Register by 5pm April 26th

All the details are in the FLYER

Getting partner more involved in your decisions in both the bidding and the play (instead of guessing on your own) will lead to a better partnership and a more enjoyable session of bridge. Joel Wooldridge
2023 Top Ten Unit 125 Masterpoint Winners
Includes Online Points
See top 100 List
Rank Name City Masterpoints
Kenneth Kranyak
Donald Rop
Chagrin Falls727.78
Brian Ellis
Stan Dub
Shaker Heights556.42
Michael Ellis
Michael Creager
Pat Chisholm
Gates Mills467.65
Kathleen Sulgrove
Bernie Greenspan
Hope Ellis