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Unit 125 Scholarship & Charity Fund

Since at least 1984 bridge players in the Cleveland area have made charitable contributions to a tax-exempt Fund (now named the Unit 125 Scholarship & Charity Fund. Bridge players have contributed through their play in special charity games at local clubs and Sectionals and by contributions in memory of deceased members as well as by supporting the Fund's fund-raising efforts at Sectionals.

The Fund's original purpose was to provide scholarships to children of members, but more recently scholarships have been given to grandchildren of members who apply and qualify. In 2015 the Unit Board decided to expand the purposes of the Fund and the current charitable purposes are:

  1. Donations to organizations operating in the Unit’s area to which a tax-exempt organization may make donations (“Charity”).
  2. Donations in memory of deceased Unit members to a Charity favored by the deceased, if known, or if none is known, to a Charity selected by the Fund Trustees based on criteria the Trustees determine.
  3. Scholarships to children and grandchildren of members of Unit 125.
  4. Scholarships to young people who live in the Unit’s area who have demonstrated an interest and aptitude for bridge.

Donors to the Fund may designate that their donation be used for scholarship purposes or general charitable purposes and undesignagted donations will be allocated by the Trustees

Please send donations to the Fund to the Fund's Treasurer, Lynn Nosse at 37063 Royalton Rd, Grafton OH 44044-9174 or contact her by phone at 440-748-3579 or email her at

Send Notices of the death of Unit 125 members to Lynn.

Scholarships are awarded at the Unit 125 Annual Awards event which is normally held in May.

Here is the 2018 application in editable form as .txt, .pdf, .docx, the application deadline is May 1, 2018!

The history of the Fund makes for interesting reading. Please read it.