Winners at All Clubs Last Seven Days
    Monday, February 24th
    66.67%Robin Oliva and Virginia Lennon Results
    64.77%Diane Peltz and Elayne Glueck Results
    64.17%Beverly Cohen and Lewis Bernard Jr Results
    61.25%Betsy Wilson and John Hibshman Results
    60.42%David Norris and Gary Montain Results
    Saturday, February 22nd
    64.12%John Collis and Kenneth Kranyak Results
    61.57%Steven Wolotsky and Sushil Steve Suri Results
    58.33%Diane Schwartz and Musette Vincent Results
    Friday, February 21st
    67.26%John Collis and Phillip Becker Results
    65.18%Bernie Greenspan and Eric Yasinow Results
    62.50%Joan Fountain and Sally Neville Results
    61.63%Dorothy Farley and Joan Avery Results
    55.21%Mary Lou Miller and Peter Miller Results
    Thursday, February 20th
    64.07%Robert Alexander and Stephanie Alexander Results
    61.11%Allen Strainic and Donna Waggle Results
    Wednesday, February 19th
    65.63%Bonnie Stein and Jeffrey Stein Results
    61.86%Mady Kaiser and Rhona Jacobson Results
    61.11%Frank Scali and Robert Williams Results
    58.65%Elayne Glueck and Paula Madvid Results
    58.04%Bernie Greenspan and Gary Sikon Results
    Tuesday, February 18th
    76.76%Michael Drozhinskiy and Stan Dub Results
    68.75%Chi-Ming Lee and Ten-Huei Guo Results
    67.17%Jessie Riley and Tess Harvie Results
    67.05%John Bacon and Michael Creager Results
    62.08%Alex McCrea and Cathy Taylor Results
    61.32%Nicholas Ogan and Phillip Becker Results
    56.01%Gerry Choffey and William Issa Results