Special Congratulations To

  • Bernie Greenspan, the leading masterpoint winner at the August Silver Bowl Sectional and to the following winners:

    Sunday Swiss Teams--Stan Dub, Michael Drozhinsky, Greg Michaels & John Bacon
    Saturday Open Pairs--Bernie Greenspan & John Bacon
    Friday 499r First Session--Kristen Schulz & Mary Ganske
    Friday 499r Second Session--Doug Hardman & Mike Gilbert
    Friday Open Pairs First Session--Lois Butler & Paul Klarreich
    Friday Open Pairs Second Session--Bernie Greenspan & Brian Ellis


  • Kathy and Don Sulgrove,

    The Unit's top masterpoint winners at the January 2018 Rock & Regional.

    The resuilts for all events are on ACBL Live.

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  • Greg Michaels, for being on the winning team in the 0-10,000 masterpoint Swiss Teams at the Fall NABC in San Diego. Greg was partnered with his ex-wife (and you think you have partnerhsip issues!). Greg also was the top District 5 masterpoint winner in San Diego.
    Here is the happy winning team:
  • Stephanie Alexander and Jeff Alexander, for winning the most STaC week masterpoints in our District's 2017 STaC week.  They won 34.91 masterpoints.  AND, Jeff passed 10,000 masterpoints. A pretty good week, especially since Jeff is recovering from cataract surgery and can sort of see the cards.
  • Bernie Greenspan, the top masterpoint winner from our Unit at the recently completed Pittsburgh Regional.  Bernie won over 65 masterpoints during the tournament including being on the winning A team in the Strati-Flighted A/X Swiss Teams on Sunday.

    And Even More Special Thanks To

  • Dave Hobe,

    for putting on a great Silver Bowl Sectional. The turnout exceeded our expectations (14 tables more than last August).

  • Chuck Ladiha and Rhona Jacobson, for the great STaC Swiss teams they produced on December 10.  Thirty-one Teams played at the new Rocky River location.
  • Fran Mulkins, for creating a great master-future master game on October 25, 2017.
  • Bill Hogsett, for putting on the Ohio Buckeye Sectional in November 2017.
  • Steve Garfunkel, and his team, for putting on a great Ohio Masters Sectional in 2017.