Top Ten Scores at All Clubs xx This Year
82.50%Betsy Wilson and Jim Wilson Friday, January 31stWestbridge Duplicate ClubResults
76.76%Michael Drozhinskiy and Stan Dub Tuesday, February 18thHarvey's Duplicate BridgeResults
76.16%Nicholas Ogan and Phillip Becker Tuesday, February 11thDuplicate of SolonResults
75.00%Olivia Gates and William Polley Saturday, January 18thArty Bridge ClubResults
74.67%Herman Fellinger and Kenneth Kranyak Wednesday, January 29thBeechmont Bridge ClubResults
72.82%Robert Alexander and Roger Tiktin Tuesday, February 11thWestgate Duplicate ClubResults
72.37%Sara Seals and Wilhelmenia Jackson Saturday, January 4thArty Bridge ClubResults
72.22%Mary Ann Morell and Wayne Heritage Monday, January 20thSouthwest DBCResults
71.88%Herman Fellinger and Steve Garfunkel Friday, January 3rdMayfield Sand Ridge Club DupResults
70.83%Robert Alexander and Stephanie Alexander Monday, February 10thSouthwest DBCResults