Special Congratulations To

  • Henry Mcalleer Henry Mcalleer,

    who won for the first time at a club game on February 8, 2020.  Henry won in one of the toughest club games in the Unit. Henry was playing with his grandfather Ken Kranyak who was justifiable proud of his grandson's accomplishment.

    Are we about to again see the development of a great bridge player like we did with Henry's uncle John Kranyak when he was a boy playing with Laurie and Ken?

  • Don SulgroveDon and Kathy SulgroveKathy Sulgrove,

    the winners of the most masterpoints at the January 2019 Regional. They won 83.87 masterpoints which was nearly 30 masterpoints more than anyone else.

    Our players took seven of the top ten places on the masterpoint list!  Check it out.

  • Linda Singleton, Ann Daum, Vione Eckert and Betty Frank


    The Winning Bracket 3 team at the STaC Swiss game on December 19, 2019.

    See the Full Results

  • Phil MacFarlanePhil MacFarlane, Barbar KottonBarbara Kotton, Judi ShapiroJudi Shapiro and Marv ShapiroMarv Shapiro


    The Winning Bracket 2 team at the STaC Swiss game on December 19, 2019.

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  • Pat ChisholmPat Chisholm, Ssusan StarkSusan Stark, Stelian Hritcu and Jake Agregado


    The Winning Bracket 1 team at the STaC Swiss game on December 19, 2019.

    See the Full Results

  • Phill Becker and Fleur Howard, the overall masterpoint leaders at our 2019 Buckeye State Sectional. They each won 22.19 masterpoints. They are two for two in having the most masterpoints at our Sectionals this year!

  • Jeff and Stephanie Alexander, who won the most masterpoints by a Unit member at the recently completed Buffalo "Spooktacular" Regional. They each won 66.54 masterpoints and were third overall.

  • Phil Becker
    , who now has over 20,000 masterpoints.  Phil got the last few points at the recent Buffalo "Spooktacular" Regional. Phil is the top masterpoint winner in our District.  See the District top 100 HERE and the Unit top 100 HERE.

    And Even More Special Thanks To

  • Wayne HeritageWayne Heritage and Stephanie AlexanderStephanie Alexander,

    for putting on a great STaC Swiss team game on December 15, 2019.

    We had 17 tables at the Rocky River Memorial Hall wih an excellent lunch mid-way thourh the seven matches Swiss teams.