Special Congratulations To

  • Phil Becker, who won seven straight times at club games between January 4 and January 19. Five times he won with John Collis one of Phil's students, and twice with Fleur Howard.  You can see the results HERE. John Collis is a retired spinal surgeon with just over 100 masterpoints.

  • Greg Michaels, the leading masterpoint winner from our District at the November 2018 Honolulu NABC. Greg earned 57 masterpoints.  Greg was on the second place team in the under 10,000 masterpoint Swiss teams.

  • Ken Kranyak, the overall masterpoint winner in the January 2019 Regional.

    View the masterpoint list HERE.

  • Brian Ellis, who has been elected to be District Director for District 5.  Brian replaces Sharon Fairchild, who has served as District Director for over 20 years.  Brian's three year term begins December 1.  We all wish Brian great success in his new role.
  • Phil Becker and Fleur Howard,

    the leading masterpoint winners at our November Buckeye State Sectional. They earned 24.96 masterpoints. We had 166 tables in play.  The full results are HERE.

And Even More Special Thanks To

  • Sue Cutler and Barbara Greenspan,

    the chairs of the Buckeye State Sectional for producing a wonderful tournament.