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"[...] His only pastime was reading the papers and playing whist. He frequently won at this quiet game, so very appropriate to his nature[...]" Jules Verne in describing Phileas Fogg in Around the World in Eighty Days
Read the November 11, 2005 Plain Dealer Bridge Column

Charity Swiss Team Game--April 18

Come play in our online Charity Swiss Team game on April 18!

When: April 18 at 1:00pm
Where: Bridge Base Online
Cost: $40 per team
Registration: To register, please send the 4 names to Barbara Greenspan, Susan Stark, or Maureen Merker.  Due to the work involved in setting this up, we will close registration on April 12.|
Partnership: If you need help putting together a 4-person team, please contact Susan Stark, 216-798-7982 ( or Maureen Merker, 440-290-8570 (
Charities: Cleveland Food Bank and Cleveland Chapter Alzheimer's Association.

Event Chair: Barbara Greenspan, 216-382-9229 (

HERE is the flyer with a few more details

2021 Board of Directors and Officers

The online voting for new members of the Cleveland Whist Club board of directors is completed, and the new board members are:

Harvey Bernstein
Stan Dub
Doug Hardman
Sue Knirsch

You can see the full board of directors here.

We all should give a round of applause to the four board members whose terms have expired.  They are:

Sue Cutler
Barbara Greenspan
Bill Hogsett
Ken Kranyak

The board of directors elected officers at its April 8 meeting.  The officers for 2021 are:

Bill Issa President
Jeff Weiss Vice-President
Angie Strainic Secretary
Harvey Bernstein Treasurer

Please give your support to the new officers and board as we develop events for 2021.

2021 Winter Vichill League Results

The 2021 online Winter Vichll League was a great success.

Two hundred-ninety-nine players from 18 ACBL Districts competed in nine brackets. Our Unit was well represented with 101 players. We had players on four of the winning teams.

The Vichill offers fun competition for all skill levels.  One hundred-two players had less than 100 masterpoints while 17 had more than 10,000.  Twenty-one teams had a masterpoint average of less than 100, but three teams averaged more than 10,000 masterpoints.

Phil Becker's six-person team won the top bracket.  Besides Phil, the Unit members on the team were Fleur Howard, Stephanie, and Jeff Alexander.

John Bacon and Michael Drozhinskiy were on the winning team in the second bracket. The Bacon team was one of two undefeated teams in the Vichill.

Lois Butler captained an all Unit 125 team that won the third bracket. The other players were Paul Klarreich, Jan Miyake, and Josh Levy.

Sue Petro and Kanti Patel were on the winning team in the seventh bracket along with a mother-son pair from Youngstown.

A team from Waterloo, ON won the fourth bracket and was undefeated. The fifth bracket was taken by a team from the Johnstown, PA area. Southern Ohio teams won the sixth and ninth brackets and a Michigan team won the eighth bracket.

You can see all the results here. Click on a bracket to see the full results and click on a team name to see the team members.

If you have never played in the Vichill you are missing an opportunity for fun evenings from the comfort of your couch while we play online. Come join us. No experience is needed!

Look for information here about the next Vichill and also check your email.


District Grand National Team Qualifier

The Grand National Teams is designed so that players at all levels can compete for a national championship through District qualification tournaments and then at an NABC.

Our District Grand National Team(GNT) qualification tournament will be conducted on Bridge Base Online this year. There are four brackets based on masterpoints.

The brackets are Championship Flight (unlimited MP), Flight A (0-6000MP), Flight B (0-2500)Flight C (0-500 NLM Only). Masterpoint Limits are absolute - not average.

Flights A & C play May 1, and 2 and the championship Flight and Flight B play May 15 and 16.

Pre-registration is mandatory. The registration deadline for Flights C & A is Wednesday, April 28th at 5 pm, and the deadline is Wednesday, May 12th at 5 pm for Flight B and the Championship Flight.

More important information is in the FLYER and on the District's GNT page.

Let's have a great representation from our Unit and win all four brackets!

If partner tries for slam and you have very strong trumps that you have not yet specifically shown, cooperate with the slam try: partner will be worried about trumps. Eric Kokish
Top Ten Scores at All Clubs This Year
74.75%Friday, January 22nd
Rust Belt Trio
ProfileImage ProfileImage

Davis Bonner and Patricia Bonner

72.22%Monday, January 4th
Rust Belt Trio

~~m46912 and ~~m46906

72.22%Wednesday, January 20th
Rust Belt Trio

Constance Hoechstetter and William Holt

70.56%Friday, January 22nd
Rust Belt Trio

~~m39613 and ~~m39632

69.94%Tuesday, January 12th
Rust Belt Trio
ProfileImage ProfileImage

James Kenney and David Norris

69.44%Saturday, February 6th
Rust Belt Trio

Marcia Taylor and John Burton

69.35%Tuesday, January 19th
Rust Belt Trio
ProfileImage ProfileImage

Davis Bonner and Patricia Bonner

67.06%Saturday, February 6th
Rust Belt Trio

Phillip Becker and Christopher Howard

66.98%Tuesday, January 5th
Rust Belt Trio
ProfileImage ProfileImage

Davis Bonner and Patricia Bonner

64.68%Saturday, January 9th
Rust Belt Trio

Arthur Heuer and Daniel Solow