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Jeb Brooks and Robert Williams have 5 second place finishes--the most by any partnership in local club games this year.
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ACBL Guidance on Resuming Club Games & Tournaments

Dear Club Managers, District/Unit Presidents and Tournament Coordinators,

Cities, states and provinces are starting to release their communities from “stay at home” orders. In an earlier email (dated March 18, 2020), ACBL advised that clubs be closed until at least May 11, 2020, based upon recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Since that time, many local authorities have announced plans to gradually reopen the economy if certain guidelines are met.

It will be up to local governments to determine how and when businesses and mass gathering events will be open to the public. You should look to these authorities for details on when your club can reopen and when tournaments will be allowed to resume. Please keep in mind that your local government may require social distancing to continue, which is not possible while playing bridge in person at the table. (My Emphasis)

While you should follow those guidelines, the ACBL recommends that you err on the side of extreme caution given that our membership population faces an increased risk from COVID-19. It would not be unreasonable to plan to delay operations at least until the end of the summer. (My Emphasis)

There is not an official ACBL date for when club games and tournaments may resume. Please comply with your local government regulations. When you plan to resume operations, please notify the ACBL at least two weeks prior to that date by emailing for opening clubs and for holding tournaments.

Thank you,
Joseph Jones
ACBL Executive Director
April 29, 2020

When contemplating a slam try, envision two or three non-maximum hands consistent with partner's bidding that offer a very good play for slam; if you can't do this, don't make your slam try Eric Kokish
Top Ten individual Winners This Year at All Clubs
1 ProfileImage Phillip Becker 17
2 ProfileImage Robert Alexander 14
3 ProfileImage John Bacon 12
3 ProfileImage Stephanie Alexander 12
5 ProfileImage Doug Snyder 11
6 ProfileImage Bernie Greenspan 10
6 ProfileImage Chet Jain 10
6 John Collis 10
9 ProfileImage Beverly Cohen 8
9 ProfileImage Eva Lefton 8
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