Special Congratulations To

  • Don Sulgrove, the overall winning masterpoint winner at the just concluded All-American Regional. Don was slightly ahead of his wife Kathy and they both were more than 30 points ahead of the third place player.
  • Stan Dub, Greg Michaels and Bernie Greenspan, for outstanding results at the Kansas City NABC.  Stan and Greg finished 6th in the nationally rated Leventritt Silver Ribbon Pairs (open to players over 50 years old) and Bernie won more masterpoins than any other Unit member.
  • Phil Becker, the top masterpoint winner from our Unit at the 2017 Rock and Roll Regional in Independence.  Phil earned 56.46 masterpoints!

    All of the results can be reviewed at FastResuls and on ACBL LIve.
  • Kathy and Don Sulgrove, the leading masterpoint winners at the 2016 Buckeye State Sectional.  They earned 23.97 masterpoints.
  • Peter Merker, the leading masterpoint winner from our Unit at the 2016 Pittsburgh Regional. Pete won 61.37 masterpoints!
  • Kathy Sulgrove, for achieving the ACBL's highest rank-GRAND LIFE MASTER.

    There are a little over 400 Grand Life Masters in the ACBL and in Ohio there are only six. Kathy is the fourth member of our Unit to become a Grand Life Master. The other three Grand Life Masters in our Unit are Jim Zimmerman, Mary Chilcote, and Laurie Kranyak (deceased).

    The requirements for the rank are:

    10,000 masterpoints (at least 2000 silver, red or gold/platinum, of which at least 1000 must be gold/platinum, with a minimum of 100 platinum)

    AND a win in a North American Bridge Championship with no upper Masterpoint restriction or an Open Team Trials (includes CNTC) or its equivalent or a Women's Team Trials (includes CWTC) or its equivalent or a World Bridge Federation event.

    Kathy has won several NABC championships: 1984 Mixed Pairs, 2004 Wagar Women's teams and the 2004 Women's Swiss teams.

    Kathy has won the Unit's annual Rock masterpoint race 16 times, including eight of the last ten years. The Rock masterpoint race is for women members of the Unit and is based on masterpoints won at our three Sectional tournaments and the Vichill League.

    Kathy and her husband Don, a fine player in his own right, have won the Unit's Hardies masterpoint race eight times. The Hardies race is open to all members of the Unit and like the Rock race is based on masterpoints won at our three Sectional tournaments and the Vichill League.

    Kathy has been active in the administration of the Unit for years and most recently served on the Unit board. She was the webmaster for our web pages for some time and also did hospitality at our Sectionals which is a time consuming responsibility.

    Kathy was the Unit Member of the Year in 2015.

    So the next time you see Kathy, congratulate her and realize you are playing against a Grand Life Master.

    And Even More Special Thanks To