Special Congratulations To

  • Stephanie Alexander and Jeff Alexander, for winning the most STaC week masterpoints in our District's 2017 STaC week.  They won 34.91 masterpoints.  AND, Jeff passed 10,000 masterpoints. A pretty good week, especially since Jeff is recovering from cataract surgery and can sort of see the cards.
  • Bernie Greenspan, the top masterpoint winner from our Unit at the recently completed Pittsburgh Regional.  Bernie won over 65 masterpoints during the tournament including being on the winning A team in the Strati-Flighted A/X Swiss Teams on Sunday.
  • Don Sulgrove, the overall winning masterpoint winner at the just concluded All-American Regional. Don was slightly ahead of his wife Kathy and they both were more than 30 points ahead of the third place player.
  • Stan Dub, Greg Michaels and Bernie Greenspan, for outstanding results at the Kansas City NABC.  Stan and Greg finished 6th in the nationally rated Leventritt Silver Ribbon Pairs (open to players over 50 years old) and Bernie won more masterpoins than any other Unit member.
  • Phil Becker, the top masterpoint winner from our Unit at the 2017 Rock and Roll Regional in Independence.  Phil earned 56.46 masterpoints!

    All of the results can be reviewed at FastResuls and on ACBL LIve.

    And Even More Special Thanks To

  • Chuck Ladiha and Rhona Jacobson, for the great STaC Swiss teams they produced on December 10.  Thirty-one Teams played at the new Rocky River location.
  • Fran Mulkins, for creating a great master-future master game on October 25, 2017.
  • Bill Hogsett, for putting on the Ohio Buckeye Sectional in November 2017.
  • Steve Garfunkel, and his team, for putting on a great Ohio Masters Sectional in 2017.