Winners at All Clubs during Last Seven Days
Wednesday, December 13th
65.28% Carol Gray - Sheila Wolf (NS)Hillcrest Duplicate ClubResults
64.42% Eileen Sill - Peggy Friedman (HM)Mayfield Sand Ridge Club Results
62.50% Madhu Mehta - Sally Hotchkiss (EW)Greater Cleveland Bridge ClubResults
61.00% Lewis Bernard Jr - Lois Butler (EW)Beechmont Country ClubResults
59.49% Mitchell Eggers - Robert Williams (NS)Greater Cleveland Bridge ClubResults
56.25% Barbara Speer - William Grant (EW)Hillcrest Duplicate ClubResults
56.00% Florence Matthews - Paula Madvid (NS)Beechmont Country ClubResults
Tuesday, December 12th
68.75% Nicholas Ogan - Phillip Becker (NS)Duplicate of SolonResults
67.16% Susan Craney - Wayne Heritage (EW)Greater Cleveland Bridge ClubResults
66.30% Robert Alexander - Roger Tiktin (EW)Greater Cleveland Bridge ClubResults
65.22% Arthur Heuer - Daniel Solow (NS)Greater Cleveland Bridge ClubResults
64.38% Greg Michaels - Stephanie Alexander (NS)Greater Cleveland Bridge ClubResults
58.33% Donald Rop - Eva Lefton (EW)Duplicate of SolonResults
54.17% Jeff Gaudio - Joan Wilson (HM)Sophie's Bridge ClubResults
54.17% Katherine Ingalls - Walter Rom (HM)Sophie's Bridge ClubResults
54.17% Brian Bammel - James Novak (HM)Sophie's Bridge ClubResults
Monday, December 11th
64.77% Bonnie Stein - Marilyn Garfunkel (NS)Andy's Bridge ClubResults
63.39% Gary Montain - Vivian Shanafelt (NS)Southwest DBCResults
63.02% Peter Danford - Sue Danford (EW)Andy's Bridge ClubResults
63.02% Lewis Bernard Jr - Nicholas Ogan (EW)Sophie's Bridge ClubResults
61.01% Jim Breckel - Wayne Heritage (EW)Southwest DBCResults
60.85% Hope Ellis - Virginia Young (NS)Sophie's Bridge ClubResults
Saturday, December 9th
65.97% Charleen Drotning - William Grant (HM)Mayfield Sand Ridge Club Results
65.41% Charles Ladiha - Pat Chisholm (NS)Beachwood Duplicate Bridge ClubResults
60.16% Bob Bartko - Jack Shiffer (EW)Beachwood Duplicate Bridge ClubResults
Friday, December 8th
67.71% Jim Wilson - Karl Zaman (HM)Westbridge Duplicate Bridge ClubResults
63.19% Hao Ge - Kathleen Sulgrove (NS)Elyria Friday Morning DBCResults
63.00% James Novak - Jeffrey Leeson (HM)Sophie's Bridge ClubResults
62.27% Fleur Howard - Phillip Becker (EW)Mayfield Sand Ridge Club Results
61.34% Bonnie Goodman - Marjorie Melamed (NS)Mayfield Sand Ridge Club Results
57.18% Laura Palascak - Tim Raufus (EW)Elyria Friday Morning DBCResults
Thursday, December 7th
60.84% Alex Kreider - Don Kreider (EW)Hudson DuplicateResults
60.05% Douglas Turnbull - Ken Crissman (NS)Greater Cleveland Bridge ClubResults
59.23% Ellie Sanow - Viv Shanafelt (EW)Greater Cleveland Bridge ClubResults
56.25% Barbara Kotton - Chet Jain (HM)Mentor Duplicate Bridge ClubResults
56.25% Arthur Heuer - Daniel Solow (NS)Hudson DuplicateResults
HM indicates Howell Movement